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I am a Software Product Manager.
Professionally, I have worked in the identity and access management space, consumer lending space, and second language acquisition space.
Personally, I research the role of technology (like AI) in second language acquisition.

Things I believe in Product Management:

A lot of cool innovations start from taking a solution and then finding a problem. Many cases, technology precedes theory.

I don't like the crawl, walk, run mantra. Implies that the solution will run. I prefer nail it before you scale it or gotta survive before you thrive.

Build great systems and environments and teams to let great products happen.

Be willing to lose a little in order to gain a big payoff. Agile is a good mindset.

If your product is already successful, purposely break it to make it better.

Product Experience

Here is a snippet of what I worked on at some places.

SailPoint Technologies
2019 to current

IdentityNow and IdentityAI Platform Services

Leading transformation from Product to Platform, Developer Partner Program, API Gateway, Integration Services, Authentication/Authorization Services,

TCI Credit
2013 to 2016

DecisionLender 3.5 and 4.0

Replatfoming next generation loan origination systems with client side configurable auto decisioning rules, classifications, event trigger systems, integrations and data transformations. My favorite feature was A/B testing framework for credit policies.
Check out this video for the product

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner



Instead of 1 to 1 reciprocal language exchange model, we built ping2pong, a broker of language exchanges. See video to get a sense.


My background is in Languages / Linguistics. I still try to keep up with learning Japanese and Mandarin Chinese

University of Hawaii at Manoa

MA Candidate in Second Language Studies

Copy Editor - Reading in a Foreign Language

Research in Curriculum Development Based on Grammar Frequency - Computational Linguistics and Computer Assisted Language Learning.
Academic Advisor: Dr. Graham Crookes

Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo

Study Abroad during undergrad Junior Year


Austin, TX